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15 February, 2008

online dating cheats?

I always wonder how did some people ended up in a hoax in the online dating world. Usually, the woman will be so good with sweet nothings that it will make those desperate men out there melt and collapse emotionally. The skillful ones have the ability to mislead and lure some luxuries from the guys and the not so experienced ones will be showing their foxes' tails too soon. I had a friend who thought he had met someone so romantic and nice, especially after she told a sad tale about how 'great' she was in putting up with a lousy boyfriend. Then, she started to ask for help and it involved quite a sum of money. I only hope that my friend who only works for a patch panel company will not be so silly...

Anyways, just be careful of such online cheats - for those who are into online dating - just my two cents worth.

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