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01 February, 2008

what's with my blogging business?

This is the first month of my blogging biz for the year. It's kinda hard to get back to writing like before after a long lazy break for almost a month. Well, the truth was I was still doing some writing during my vacation. I didn't grab opps like I used to but I wouldn't turned down any offers from some networks. It did feel good to make money during a vacation, that helped to cover some of my shopping indulgences too :P

I'm still thinking if I should move on to start and build more blogs. But seriously, it's tiring to write and handle that many and I don't think I have the time at this point. Our events for the year are laid out and I would like to spend more time with my growing boy. Growing this blogging business seems promising. Yet, you need time to succeed and earn a decent living from it. Know what I mean?


sesame said...

Doris, I agree. Blogging is very time consuming. I have lesser blogs than you and I'm finding it demanding too so I don't know how I can manage with more though I have toyed with the one of starting a new one. I think if one wants to make a living blogging, there has to be a strategy and there has to be discipline. It is possible no doubt, but it will take time.

You and me got other commitments so it's tough. If you turn full-time blogger, than the story could be different. But the strategy of how to achieve this is important. You need to work out your own and look around the market for wise advice. (Don't follow those half-baked gurus!)

I also struggle to balance time but I force myself to give priority to my boy now. I think his development is more important than my blogging.

bokjae said...

Oh dear, with just one blog already no time for me! another blog is out of the question! don't really know how to earn decent money from blogging! so now blog because of the passion more than anything else! Blessed New Year to U and DH and little Clayton! Hope to pass Clayton his gift from auntie sharlene!

dorischua said...

Sesame: Ya... there are many things in life that meant more than earning that few bucks like quality time with our loved ones. I'm learning to slow down and counting my blessings. And, I'm happier too.

bokjae: Bro C, thanks for the gift! You are right in keeping that passion going. Dont give up!