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21 February, 2008

new office set up

I've enjoyed working from home all these years. Besides saving time on traffic and rush hours, I have the pleasure to be there for my preschooler, cook simple dishes, get some chores in the house done and do my personal stuff. It is a blessing and I treasure it very much.

As business takes on another level for this year, we have decided to acquire a new office space. This is in line with our plans to expand the business and recruiting my work staff for the company. Normally, I will leave these business and office set up stuff to my other half since I do believe that we should focus on what we are good at and I'm not so apt in these things. He's thinking about installing Call Center VoIP Phone Systems instead of the traditional phone systems since the set up is faster and add more versatility. In terms of cost, the savings can be significant in the long run and this is important for us since the core of our business is telemarketing. I was told that if anyone is searching for a call center phone system, Nimbus VoIP Call Center edition requires only a low upfront cost and is a preferred choice among business owners.

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erp said...

you really have a great life :p.. wish you all the best :)