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21 February, 2008

my dream gadget

Adam tagged me on a dream gadget meme. Well, I have to confess that I have been thinking hard on this one cos I'm not that kind who have a strong passion in buying the latest digital or electronic device. Sometimes, I do go 'woo' and 'wah' at those cool and sleek looking mobile phones, Apple products and digital cameras but I won't bother finding out more about them unless I am planning to buy them.

I do love to get a new mobile phone to replace my present Nokia 6300. I almost bought the Nokia N95 but changed my mind after buying my Cartier Roadster. Last week, I read about the Nokia N96 and it looked like a chic gadget to have but since it will only be launched next half of the year, I'm in no hurry. Then again, I may consider the Apple iPhone but though I'm a Mac user, I'm not all crazy about it.

During Chinese New Year, a family friend's son was snapping shots of Clayton with his cool Nikon SLR Digital camera. I didn't have the model no. but it was real cool. It wasn't one of those cheaper ones cos I was told that it cost him over S$2K! After that short chat with the 17 year old teenager, I felt that it might be time for me to check out the SLR digital cameras... the only thing is, I don't see myself lugging it during our family vacations! I have too much to pack and carry when traveling with a preschooler.

So, I'm that simple gal who is not an ardent digital gadget fan. I tend to think hard and thrice before investing in these expensive digital stuff since they go out of date very very fast.

What about you? What is your dream gadget or do you have any dream gadgets?

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erp said...

this one is really cool~ nice post . my dream gadget is an 16gb ipod :p