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28 February, 2008

back to serious work now

After much pondering and consideration, I have come to a conclusion that if we want our business to thrive, we must not become complacent just because we have a new staff on board. It is easy to depend on your employee and sit back for a while but the truth is, no one will take the business as serious as you are, if this is your own biz. So, after a long break from picking up the telephone, I started calling clients and updating our marketing list. The truth was, I felt motivated, positive and excited after getting my hands into the business. I suppose the long break has caused us to become complacent and more withdrawn from our business and it's time for a wake up call.

So, I will be spending more time on the phone and sending out marketing materials for our upcoming event during the 'prime hours' when Clayton is in school and do my blogging in between hours. It's back to setting my priorities right and planning my time wisely.

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