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01 March, 2008

loving his chinese

Clayton sharing a Chinese book with his cousin

I can't help but feel comforted that I have a boy who loves his books - English or Chinese. In fact, he is indulging in his Chinese library collection and it makes momma very happy. Though he still can't get his tone right on many characters, it's nice to hear him read out loud. I'm not a traditionalist but I do believe that Mandarin is a wonderful language to learn at this age and time. Hopefully, he'll start to speak more than 'Ke Yi' (Can) , 'Bu Yao' (Don't want) and 'Hao' (Good)!

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Memory Card Guy said...

hi dorischua, i started taking mandarin lessons in 2005 after my first visit to china. a bunch of chinese folks told me the writing was very hard, but speaking was relatively easy. i haven't gotten very far with it -- and i do wish i was a kid now so that i could pick it up easier, like your child. the language and culture there are just fascinating, and i can't wait to go back! --scott