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20 February, 2008

would you like to own your own home?

Are you a woman who has the dream of owning your own home? If you do, you are definitely not alone. This year, I plan to invest in a small flat and this is the time to save money for a new home down payment. This would mean eliminating unnecessary purchases such as another pair of shoes, a new jewelry piece, a handbag of a different colour, the latest gadget..etc.

The truth is many women mistakenly believe that they cannot afford the cost of a new home. Yes, there are really some who may be unable to afford the cost of a new home, but, for others, it is actually a lot easier than it appears. It is very common that home owners (new or old) to get
Home Loans to finance the purchase since not many people have ready cash to pay for a new home. Thankfully, it is easy to compare loan rates, check out mortgage information, get advice from the internet. Loan Network dot com is the place to check all these valuable information plus questions and answers for mortgage and loan topics, find real estate links and even get a mortgage quote.

Well, it looks like in order for me to realize my dream and save enough for the downpayment for a new home, I would need to work harder in the next few months.

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erp said...

yup i hope i can have my own house and hope can afford more comfortable neighborhood :)