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23 February, 2008

the sweetness of rose petals

I've been a mall rat today. This time, I didn't ask for it but since DH was attending a seminar next to a mall, I decided to spend some time with Clayton at the mall.

This mall is very well designed with a good balance of fashion forward and designer branded stores. The management has focused much on a lifestyle concept and what captivates me is the use of plants, fresh flowers in and around the mall. When I look at those beautiful fresh rose petals scattered on the bowls at the customer service reception, it reminds me of the sweetness of good living and the sense of wellbeing. As a matter of fact, roses have so many uses and even the petals can brighten a wedding or reflect luxury in any occasion. It's no wonder that the online flower store, Fifty Flowers actually sell various kinds of rose petals for the wedding couples who like them scattered on the reception or by the flower girl.

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