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21 February, 2008

momma, I don't know how to sleep

Can you imagine a preschooler (3 yr plus) telling you that 'Momma, I don't know how to sleep'? What he meant (I believe) is he can't sleep! Well, the truth is, he doesn't wanna sleep. This is what my 3 yo has been telling me the last few nights... he's hinting to me that he wants to go to his room to read. I'm glad that at the very least, he's developing a love for reading, especially Chinese books since it's my dream that he has a good foundation in Mandarin before entering an Aussie primary school. So, I'll usually tell him, 'Just close your eyes, stop talking and go to sleep'!

1 comment:

erp said...

what a cute children :) ..hehe its good to start reading since child. keep it up