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10 October, 2006

Haze, Virus and...

The haze has been real bad. I can almost smell something burning once I stepped out of the house. It is affecting the way we live our lives...

Then Clayton had diarrhea past 2 days. I'm still praying for that sticky cough to stop. As a mother, it is stressful to hear him cough in the night. He seems to be coming down with a little cold - oh no... and we are travelling next few days.

Now you know why I haven't been consistent with my blogging... I was throwing up the whole of Sunday afternoon. I think we caught the same virus. Thank God it had stopped and I'm not laying in bed.

I am praying for all these viruses to stop hitting my boy and our family. It's so tiring dealing with ailments.

Hear my prayer, Lord.

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