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14 July, 2009

Exploring Ideas on Working At Home in Australia

More and more ideas on what I can do to continue working from home in Australia are being presented before me since last week. I'm one work at home mommy who believes that opportunities need to be sought, they seldom come knocking on your doors.

So with a few ideas toying in my head, we've been discussing them in our home office. It will be fun to explore some of the ideas. It's exciting. This weekend, I'm also looking forward to my Polestar Pilates conference. Though it's a day trip, I know it's going to be a fun and interesting one cos I've never been surrounded by a big group of Pilates enthusiasts in one room.

I'm also busy converting our New Zealand trip site to a blog. After much thinking, I've decided to give the site a new look and optimize with my SEO knowledge. Talking about SEO, there is so much to learn and it is important to be patient during the process of learning and working.

While I'm working hard in my home office, many of my friends are enjoying summer time, the season for many to take off, spend time with their families near and far. Not sure if many will be going for Florida vacations or any beach getaways this year due to the downturn but I believe what matters most is a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle.

So to you work at home mommies or daddies in your summer holidays, enjoy and have fun with your loved ones.

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