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04 July, 2009

Mommies Working From Home Need Rest

Sometimes the weekends can be more tiring than weekdays for those mommies working from home... weekends mean full time parenting!

I've limited Clayton's television hours so he's been spending more time in our home office with his toys. It's amazing listening to his own 'play scripts' as he does his pretend play - children are so downright creativity in their own right!

We've been with P1 WiMax for a month now and sadly, like the other internet providers, it is not stable. I have to agree that the connectivity is faster than streamyx and maxis broadband but on certain days or certain times in the night, the connection will slow down. It can be frustrating for DH and me as we are full time in our online business and our computers are turned on more than twelve hours a day in our home office. Due to that, I have been very reluctant in uploading photos to my blogs, it's just taking too long!

I came across a photo of a friend in his handsome tuxedo in his wedding and it reminded me that I have been married for 9.5 years. I proposed to DH that we celebrate our 10 wedding anniversary in Hokkaido next year and to my surprise, he tentatively agreed... but it has to be by tour cos it will be cheaper.

I'm looking forward to my Polestar Pilates conference in two weeks time. It would be fun joining more than 200 Pilates enthusiasts at Singapore Arts Museum for a time of learning and working out.

Somehow this is a busy weekend - lunch with relatives and farewell party with DH's friends. He's still suggesting that we go for a carnival tomorrow under the hot sun - I strongly objected! I feel like telling him that work at home mommies need a rest too! I just dislike those boring carnivals with people selling boring stuff. I would rather spend time at home sharing a TVIQ show or Disney movie with Clayton... or probably continue my research in Brissie properties.

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