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27 July, 2009

The Work at Home Mom Has a Sore Knee to Nurse

For no rhythm or reason, I arose with a sore knee 3 nights ago and the pain isn't getting any better. The only comfort is that, I am a work at home mom so I don't need to worry about moving about like an old lady with this bad knee. Even then, it has been agonizing for me and I really want to get well soon.

There are so many things that need my attention this week. Clayton is down with a bad cough and I've put him off swimming classes yesterday. The car needs servicing and this reminds me that we need to check out if our AA membership includes one of those rv towing like the US. There are some chores to complete for the house and I need to get round to finishing them.

I hope that the air quality is improving so that our respiratory systems don't have to suffer anymore. I really dislike the haze and what it is doing to my sensitive nose. I'm looking forward to cleaner air in days ahead and yes, air would surely be better in brissie.

As we count down to our new beginning in down under, it's great to know that we can have a home office in brissie and we can get some tax rebates while working from home. Hopefully the properties aren't rising too much even though Australia has officially been out of recession. Then again, it's still a long way to go...
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