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09 August, 2009

Work At Home Mom Blogs From Hospital

For the first time, I'm blogging in a hospital for this work at home mom blog.

Well, besides giving birth to Clayton and during his first weeks as a baby, I have never been admitted to a hospital for anything. Yes, I am that blessed and fortunate. I thank God for that. But yesterday morning, a disturbing pain at my lower left rib. It was scary cos never have I had such a prolonged pain and it felt like someone was poking me from the inside. I knew I needed medical attention.

DH took me to the Sime Darby Specialist Centre for a quick consultation and I was asked to do an XRay. To our surprise, the X ray showed that I had a lung infection at the lower bit of my lungs and that indicated pneumonia. It was shocking for me cos I didn't have symptoms like a bad cough or breathing difficulties except for the morning cough which I thought was caused by my allergic rhinitis. When she told me I needed to be warded, I almost freaked out.

In tears, I went home, packed some belongings and left for the hospital. My first fear: Could it be A H1N1? When we arrived at the Damansara Specialist hospital, the wait was long with many people with masks on. I could overhear the nurse calling the ward to check if I need to be isolated after reading the doctor's letter. They must be treating me like a H1N1 suspect. Fears within me rose.

When my turn came, the not-so-friendly doctor on duty checked me and her facial expression didn't make me feel any better. I mean, why are these doctors not taught how to cheer patients up or are their jobs to intimidate patients and increase more fear in them. Don't they know that patients in A & E ward are anxious? Have they been taught anything about psychology?

I answered and asked many questions and all the time, she answered very enthusiastically... my you, this is Damansara Specialist Hospital, not some Serdang or ulu one. Anyways, I discarded her intimidating answers and expressions even though she told me that I would need to be isolated. I asked her further - if I'm tested H1N1 negative, then I don't need to be warded right? She looked at it blankly :(

The next time I was called, I was asked to do a H1N1 swab and it was the same doctor again. This time, she told me that the specialist had advised that if I was negative for H1N1, then I would be in the normal ward. Sigh! She needed the specialist to tell her that!

After couple hours of wait, the results came out negative (thank God!) and next was a blood test before being examined by the specialist. It was clear that the X Ray had indicated an infection the left lung which caused that poking pain.

The admission was smooth despite the wait and I got a private deluxe single room. What impressed me was, I found wireless connection from my phone. Thus, I rang DH to bring me my Macbook right away. I couldnt imagine being stucked here with just a few Astro channels though the room was comfy with a big sofa bed and had a nice view.

I was blessed and fortunate that our medical insurance covered the expenses and I didn't have to worry about the daily stay and tests. For many people, it would be costly and being treated in a government hospital wouldn't be the same. Also, I was thankful that the pneumonia was detected from the pain I felt cos I read that some people had no symptoms.

The pain wasn't comfortable still and I'm still waiting to talk to the doctor about the details. I'm praying that the infection cleared fast and I can be home soon. I miss my home, my son and being present a home. DH never had to take care of Clayton and getting his things ready for school and meals.... now, he would need to learn some mommy's tasks.

I'm thankful for all the prayers from my close friends and all the well wishes. I trust that I will recover well by the grace of God. Looking back, God has been merciful and has showed His love every step of the way.

With that, I give thanks.

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mumsgather said...

I just said a prayer for you. Take care.