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13 April, 2010

Work At Home Mom Ramblings

Household chores, parenting and work... these are the things that have kept me busy everyday. Somehow, time passes so fast when you are busy. So even though I work from home, I can't seem to have enough time to finish all my tasks. Sometimes I wonder, where has my time gone to?

This is the technology age and we are all enjoying the benefits of invention. Due to that, we are spoilt for choices and we put a demand on speed on anything. Everything got to be faster, better and nicer. This is the age we are living in - we won't settle for anything less, isn't it?

I was shopping for digital cameras few months ago and it was such a difficult task to choose the 'best' one. Every new model promises faster, better and yields nicer results. But seriously, do we need the most advanced or the best in everything?

I often remind my boy how blessed he is. The kids today are so tech savvy and modernity does catch up very fast with their learning minds. I'm not sure how things will be like in a few years' time but I have to constantly remind myself to move with the times too.

So enough of rambling and it's now back to work and I'd better finish everything before my trip this weekend. Oh yes, the work at home mom is off for a break this Friday...

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