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14 April, 2010

Preparing For Hong Kong Trip

In less than 48 hours, I will be Hong Kong and hopefully, I'm check-in at Chi Residences by then. I just did a quick search in Google maps on the accommodation location and I was so impressed that I could see the street view! It was just so amazing! Not only has technology allowed me to work from home, I can even plan my vacation in a breeze with today's advanced technology!

I am looking forward to my favourite desserts and roast meats in this busy city. The weather is under twenty degrees celsius now and I'm praying hard that the weather will be fine and nice. One thing I know... I won't be perspiring under the sun and it should be very nice to snooze at night too. I am expected to plan our itinerary for the five nights but I haven't had time to sit down to do that. The home office is buzzing with lots of activities and work these few days and I must find time to do some planning to night.

Few days ago, we just received birth announcements of our friend who just gave birth to a baby boy. We visited her and the baby and he reminded me of how Clayton was like 5 over years ago. It is nice to reminisce and it reminded me of God's faithfulness.

I must, I must finish all my online assignments by tomorrow and do all the packing by morning. Multi-tasking is possible when you are a work at home mom but sometimes, there can be too much to handle in just 24 hours a day! Ok for now... I hope to snap some nice pictures of food, places and attractions for the trip. Till then!

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