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24 April, 2010

Work At Home Mom - Back from Hong Kong

It seems like yesterday that I was talking about my trip to Hong Kong but I'm already back few days ago and working from home. I'm back to being a work at home mom again!

The short trip to Hong Kong was fabulous. I mean, this wasn't our first family trip to Hong Kong but we seemed to enjoy ourselves much more than the first one. Though it was only five nights, we did a few new things and visited a few new places. It was slow, easy, no stress and somewhat relaxing. We did quite abit of walking but it was leisure and no rush.

I must salute my DH for his efforts to complete our new online business website during the trip. Yes, it was a holiday but knowing DH, he couldn't just sit still and do nothing. He was working on the website at night when we were back from shopping and eating. He was determined to launch our online consulting business in Hong Kong and he did it! Kudos to this hardworking work at home dad!

Shopping was very nice in Hong Kong. I did shop till I drop but surprisingly, DH bought more than he anticipated! Clayton was a good boy and he had a ball of a time with my iPhone. He was just happy occupying himself with the phone that he was encouraging me to walk into shops!

I bought a few things from Faces at Ocean Terminal, couple of bags in Agnes B and a top from 45R. The lady from the store was so nice to hand me a sample of acne treatment when she saw a zit on my forehead but I ended up with hair products instead.

Food was glorious and my favourite had to be Chung Kee's tong yuen at Temple Street and Roast Goose at Yung Kee. I miss the food so much that I am hoping to visit Hong Kong again next half of the year! This time, I should try out Shama serviced apartments though I did like Chi Residences for its good pricing, friendly service and spaciousness. I have to say good bye to all the tiny hotel rooms for now!!

It's back to the home office now and it's back to the daily grind. Till then, I'm planning my next vacation....

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