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28 April, 2010

Work At Home Flexibility

This is a peaceful morning for me and I can enjoy some quietness as I work at home alone. DH is away and will be back later. I like it when I can plan my own time, run personal errands without rushing the car back and being 'free' for a while.

After coming back from Hong Kong, I find myself longing for more of this urban city. Yes, it's busy, crowded, cluttered, whatever ways you like to describe it but I just like the place. Good food, nice shopping and forward moving. I don't think I like to live there but being a visitor is quite nice.

Clayton was very good throughout the trip. I had to say thanks to Steve Job for the iPhone invention for that kept him busy when I was shopping, trying out shoes and choosing things. It was a nightmare having to keep an eye on him and selecting my things last time. It might be a 'quick fix' which may be detrimental to his eyesight, so I think I need more berries antioxidants to balance that!

One thing I know, I won't need any weight loss pills when I go shopping in Hong Kong. The walking is already a good form of exercise. My girl friends are asking me to plan for a short trip and hopefully we can have a girlie outing before my move in December.

Working at home gives me the liberty of planning my own tasks, schedule and time. It is so beneficial when I have so much on my plate every day. With regards to the move, I now have two real estate agent contacts and I'm glad they responded. I hope to find a place by December so that the shipment of our stuff can be timed properly. We might have to stay in the house with no furniture except for a bed, washing machine and fridge if need be. Nevertheless, all things will work out and I'm looking forward to this excitement.

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