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02 April, 2010

Remember This Day

I had said that I would like to be a work at home when I move to Oz but if I really have to get out there to find a part time or full time work, I will.

For many entrepreneurs, it's hard to report to a job outside if you have been running your own business for a while. It is hard to forsake the flexibility and freedom of time and lifestyle when things call for a change. I have been asked what I will do when I'm there but it isn't easy to give an answer at this point. Not many people migrated with a job waiting for them at the other end, though we had a cousin who was that fortunate.

Since the future is unknown, there's no point dwelling on it. I should just focus on the move and preparation as there are lots to think about. Now that the cleaner had left too, I'm left with more chores to do so I need to plan my time wisely.

Next week, I will do a list of things to buy and bring. Besides furniture and mattresses, there are some electricals and homeware which I would consider buying.

Ok for now, here's wishing everyone a blessed weekend as we remember the reason for this occasion. The Lord was led to the cross as a living sacrifice for everyone here on earth. May we take a few moments to thank Him for the victory on the cross.

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