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30 March, 2010

Work at Home Mom and the Weekend

Nowadays I look forward to the weekends. I have been taking time off from work during the weekends and it feels good. As much as I like to work from home, I find that it's hard to stay out of the home office on Saturdays and Sundays. It actually takes discipline to do that!

Last Sunday, we went furniture shopping at the Rozel showroom and it was a fun experience. It's always nice to check out new sofas, dining sets, sit on them, test the cushion, feel the quality...etc. Touch is sensational! It felt nice to touch and feel furniture! I had not done that for 10 years! So now that we had an idea of what we need for the move, it's time to visit the store in a couple of months' time.

Relocating can be both stressful and scary. But when you enjoy the journey and the ride, it can be fun. I'm glad that I don't need to retake my driving when I move to Oz but poor DH would have to reapply for a driving license. Cars in Oz are much cheaper so hopefully I can get to choose the car I want! When the time comes, there'll be more to settle, get auto insurance quotes, hunt for a home, settle into the community and get used to the surroundings. My good friend will be moving in mid year for good... so I have another friend in Brissy.

The new business website is in the making and I'm glad I can continue this work at home journey. Hopefully I have more time to learn a new recipe every week, take up a new course and get into the property market. Dreams, hopes and aspirations - we all need them!

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