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23 March, 2010

Work At Home Mom and Pilates

Now that Clayton starts school at 8am in the morning, I have been rising at 6am for a time of prayer and preparation. A work at home mom does have to get up early like any other working person, except that I don't have to rush in getting myself all dolled up for the office.

This morning, I headed for my usual Pilates class. It was a good one though my throat was tickling to a cough during the workout. I enjoyed Sherene's class for many reasons. She's one instructress who knows what how to handle the class and making it interesting. Many of my friends have misconceptions about Pilates and often think that it's a slow exercise that doesn't deliver results. Though the workout does not require anyone to be on no xplode but it sure strengthen the core and tones up the muscles. I personally prefer the reformer classes over the mat ones as they tend to be more interesting.

I believe every work at home mom should find time to exercise, even if it's just a walk in the morning or an exercise routine in front of the tv. DH is one person who never fails to do his exercise every morning, even when he's had a late night. I have so much to learn from him! Only thing is, he doesn't need to do the chores for the house but I do, which means there's alot more balancing left for me. But still, I am thankful that we can work from home and do things that many people can't do with their children. As I write this post, I'm reminded not to take this blessing for granted and I'm once again, very grateful.

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