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23 March, 2010

A Meeting with Mover

In the last couple of weeks, I've been learning a few things from the mover with regards to moving our stuff to Oz. Initially we thought we would buy all our stuff in Brisbane and packed everything in loose cargo. But after consulting with the mover and talking to a few friends, we have decided to buy some basic furniture over. And since we are going to earn money from home, we should also think about getting some good home office furniture.

Our mover had advised on what should be brought along and what need to be left behind. He even said that we have to wash our shoes very clean, making sure that there is no dirt or soil on the walking soles. Furniture is fine as long as there is no untreated wood as that will require fumigation. I asked him about bringing dried foods for Asian cooking and he had advised me not to. That was pretty sad for me cos I was planning to stock up some organic seasonings and dried foods. I know of some people who bring lots of paper products such as toilet rolls! Maybe there are also those who would bring their best weight loss products or skin care with them. Well, whatever that needs to be brought, I was told that they had to be thoroughly cleaned! Fumigation at the Oz customs will cost at least AUD$200 and it can be troublesome too.

With so much to plan and do, I'm sincerely thankful that these things can be done as I continue to earn money from home. The flexibility of time allows to make provisions for meetings and phone calls so all planning can be done faster.

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