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22 March, 2010

Our Home Office is Moving!

Two weeks ago, we spent a nice afternoon in a friend's house with two big inflatable pools in the garden. Our friend, Viki, was so kind to invite us over for a fun play for the kids and some curry chicken dinner. She just moved to her new home and each time I visited her, I would rave about her cosy home office upstairs.

When you have worked long enough in a home office, it's hard to change this lifestyle. At least this is what DH and myself have decided. We are planning to work from home in Brisbane and DH has been busy with setting up the new website for the business. While he handles the business bit, I'm contacting mover and planning for the move. It's certainly a big task but it will all work out well. I was telling DH that I plan to start a new blog documenting our move to Brisbane. That will serve as a resource stop for anyone moving down under.

A friend commented that I never seemed to put on any weight during our dinner gathering. He was telling me about the many fat burners for women in the marketplace and that I would never need them. Well, I suppose the constant balancing of work and parenting has kept my weight in check and that isn't a bad thing at all.

With the move in place, we'll be shopping for some new furniture in the next few months since everyone is advising us about the huge savings. It is exciting to go shopping for furnitures and the last time we did that was ten years ago! We may see if we can find some good home office furniture here since the prices in Oz can be steep due to currency conversion. Hopefully, the ringgit will strengthen in the next few months so that we can see more in our exchange!

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