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20 April, 2009

The Work At Home Mom is Keeping Busy

Things were a little crazy back in the home office of the work at home mom last week.

My little one was under the weather so I had been paying more attention on his condition and recovery. Then we were away at JW Marriott for a training with a local bank so it was really a full week! Though I do like to earn money from home, our offline business still bring in nice revenue for now.

Since we work from home, we depend alot on the internet connection. Sad to say, going online here is never the same as going online in Japan, HOng Kong and Singapore. The line here breaks so often and it's seriously frustrating!

I find myself asking for more wisdom and strength as I learn how to handle my preschooler. He's so good in negotiation and manipulation. On some days, he's not making it easy for me to earn money from home. I am also wondering if kids of the 21st century are all like that. I don't remember speaking and reasoning the way he did when I was his age!

In two weeks' time, we'll be off with some cool friends to tropical Phuket. Though Phuket is never my desired travel destination, I'm looking forward to the great company and I'm pretty sure it will be a good break from work. This is the first vacation for the work at home mom this year and I sincerely hope it's not the last! We'll be spending a few nights at the Marriott Beach Club, thanks to my lawyer friend and his dear wife. Clayton can't wait to jump in the pool and play all day with Jamie!

After reading the travel forum and some trip reports about Phuket, I may need to recommend some best fat burners for the group - LOL! We'll be hiring a driver during the trip and I look forward to some island hopping and nice photography shooting.

For now, it's rolfing tomorrow, then swimming, followed by Pilates. It's going to be another full week for the work at home mom and yes, I'll be setting a couple more sites this week too!

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