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24 April, 2009

Disciplinary Action From The Work At Home Mom

This week started off a little rough for me, the work at home mom when the little master in the house kicked a fuss with Monday Blues.

He got a hard 'punishment'. Mommy had decided that he went on without TV for the entire week. It was an agony for him. I must admit that this punishment was harder for me cos this would mean that I had to keep him occupied once he got home from school, now that I couldn't have the TV as the 'babysitter'. Well, it was tough but I had to do it.

The good news is, this disciplinary action turns out to be very good for us. Though he tried to humbly ask for a little TV during the week, he was able to accept a straight 'no' - he was very good. I was very impressed by his subservient attitude... he didn't fight nor demand. It wasn't as hard as I thought.

We spent abit more time doing things together and it was great to see him 'self entertained' with his imagination and creative play. From this, I learnt that having too much TV stifles creativity!

At my home office, I still do my best to work on my earn money from home projects. It was a little slow this week with the bad internet connection but I am glad I still got another site set up. I have to look into identity theft protection information as I have been receiving some 'fraud' emails demanding private information. Those of you who earn money from home have to be careful with these things. Don't release any personal information to third parties through your social networking sites or chat rooms.

With the weekends approaching, the work at home mom looks forward to take a break and does more research on their upcoming Phuket trip with some wonderful friends. It will be a good short break for us and it will be a fun one.

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