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16 July, 2008

can't stand this crap anymore

I can't help but say this: There are lots of crimes waiting to be solved and what is the police doing about it? Instead of stopping crimes such as going after those who rape innocent women, rob helpless old folks, kidnap the innocent kids, they are spending time on manpower just to arrest someone charged with sodomy.

If you have done your research in the web (local and international sites), you can read and judge for yourself if this allegation is ever true. A seven year old kid will tell you that this is an insult to this man who has the great potential of becoming the PM of this country. But WHY did the govt so foolishly think that the nation is so naive, that they should believe everything the local media and the BN say about 'history is repeating itself'? Why isn't questioning that this is political driven and it's an action of inferiority, fear and perhaps, kiasu-ism. Or should I say they are 'kiasi'.

Instead of a gentleman fight, it's all done in an despicable manner - just like what you see in the movies. C'mon, this 23 yo fellow will say anything for a big stack of money promised to him, isn't it? Who is he man? He is a drop out and a spy, an opportunist and perhaps, someone who has no shame at all? And apparently, his beau is defending him, claiming that she'll stand by him - why not for a big diamond ring or perhaps a holiday to London?

Oh well, I feel like I'm narrating a movie, or should I say, directing. I just can't stand this crap, day in and day out. It's drama but this drama is so low-class, so unpolished.

Enough of ramblings... go to MalaysiaInsider or MalaysiaKini if you want more updates on this political circus.

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