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16 July, 2008

yea, yea, I'm going back to my pigeon hole!

Yea, yea, yea, I'm going home to the police state on friday. Many locals here always tell me that I come from a police and sterile state but seriously, I have no complaints. Why complain when I don't have to hear all the political bickering, backside stories, bollywood dramas and low class media reports everyday. Well, I truly feel sorry for the folks here - I really do. These days, I only gather my political updates from Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Today and Malaysia Insider. I stop wasting time on The Star, it's just not worth my time anymore. Infact, the only thing I look out for in The Star are advertisements, cheap airfares, travel promotions, food recommendations and world news updates.

I need to breathe some fresh air from my mom's flat. Though Singapore is all crowded and cluttered but it does feel cosy in a pigeon hole once a while. I feel safer, more at ease and less frustrated. The best part is, Clayton gets his break at Garage Adventures with Adeline and I get mine! Retail therapy in Singapore is beyond comparison (for now!).

What is my poor DH going to do while we are away for a few days... poor thing. I think he must be stocking up some new DVDs - LOL!

*Actually, Malaysia is becoming a 'police state' too - just in a different way :P

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