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18 July, 2008

my home country

Not only do I miss Singapore, I found out Clayton does too! He was so excited when I told him that we were going to SG 2 weeks ago. DH tried to pull his leg by telling him that he would have to stay back in MY and he started crying. I guess he must be missing the MRT train rides, Garage Adventures, Jie Jie Adeline (owner of Garage Adventures), Ah Ma (grandma in teochew) and maybe the pigeon hole :P

I know I need this time off. I need time to rest my mind, take a break from blogging and gain back my sanity. Singapore may be a busy and fast paced city but if you know where and how to chill, it's a great city to be in. It's not only the shopping. Actually, I don't even need anything. I just like to walk on the streets safely without worrying about my handbag kena grabbed when a motor bike zoomed past me. I don't need to worry about Clayton being wheeled away on his stroller when I step away a few seconds. There are crimes still but it's just not so paranoia for me. Coming home and walking on the streets after 10pm is common... this is my home country. I've learned to appreciate it now.

It's a great place, have you been there?

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