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30 July, 2008

kids are no longer 'just kids'

As parents, we always make sure our kids don't play with sharp objects or anything that will potentially bring them harm. After all, what do these kids know? My little boy is fond of tools and hardware stuff. He will take his toy hammer and pretend to be 'Handy Manny' or Bob the Builder. He will pretend play and tell me that he's fixing the television, the cabinet and even bathroom faucets. Apparently, pretend play is the way kids express their creativity.

Then, we often teach our kids to respect the teachers, the adults, friends and even the authorities including the man in blue uniform, the police. But let me be honest with you. I personally find it hard to teach them to respect the police in this country. You may not like what I wrote but this is how I truly feel. How am I going to teach him to respect the police when they don't even deserve the respect? So you see, whatever is happening now politically here is detrimental to the future generation. Their moral values may be twisted if we as parents are not careful in showing them what's right and wrong. In no time, they will asking why these men in blue uniform are corrupted and careless about their duties. They will question the dignity and true calling of the profession. I can only do my best as a mom to show him how to respect those who deserve the respect. The sad thing is, I can't even tell him that if he's faced with any trouble outside home, he can find help and seek refuge from the men in blue uniform. I feel very sad. Do I want to raise my kid in this way? It makes me wonder, as I ponder.

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