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11 July, 2008

blessed young people

The young people of today are so blessed, aren't they? Just get into the train in Singapore, Japan or Hong Kong and it is easy to spot youngsters carrying ipods in their hands or bags. Somehow, these digital gadgets have become a lifestyle thingy, just like cell phones too. It is common to spot a teenager carrying the latest cell phone with all the entertainment features from 3G to video games. Sometimes, it makes me wonder what would it be like when my son grows up to be a teenager. I wonder what will be the next trend or in-thing when the time comes.

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Learn Spanish in Mexico said...

It is they typical "kids these days have it so easy" syndrome. When your sone grows up he will be saying the same thing... "back in my day, we didn't have flying shoes and virtual world computer games... young people today are so blessed". It is a never ending cycle.