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13 July, 2008

christian art exhibition at Gallery Dunia Seni Lukis

Not too long ago, I posted a short buzz on Faces and Places photography exhibition. This morning, I met one of the owners of Art Malaysia during a brunch at a new tim sum restaurant - Jin Xuan Hong Kong Tim Sum. Audrey, also my cell host was thanking me for posting a link for Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis. To my pleasant surprise, she had also started a couple of blogs.

This evening, I also found out that the owner of Art Malaysia had started a blog early this month - congrats Bro Kian and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Art Malaysia is hosting a Christian art exhibition on 19 July to raise funds for Harapan Komuniti Bhd. Featuring artists from Indonesia, Philippines, Korea & Malaysia, the paintings carry the theme of God's Creation & Worship. To read about the inspiration and birth of this art exhibition, nobody tells it better than Bro Kian himself. This man sure has a heart for the needy of this country.


AudreyKok said...

wow!! Doris that was real quick getting the Christian Art on your blog........tkns again!! errrr...there's one correction, am not the owner of ArtMalaysia...just the owner's wife. blush!blush! All God's best to your next seminar!!

dorischua said...

Ai ya - same la - two shall become one mah so owner's wife and owner is one person lah :)