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22 November, 2009

All Ready for Brisbane and Gold Coast

It has been a very busy weekend since yesterday. My day started early and ended till late. For some reasons, my schedule tends to clutter before any overseas trip!

I managed to finish 90% of my packing a while ago except for a few little things here and there. As I'm traveling alone with Clayton for a good two weeks, I need to work out my luggage and baggage details to avoid having to carry too much on my own. I'm one person who don't like to travel with a heavy luggage, especially when I'm by myself. I can't be expecting my 5 year old to assist in anything! Planning the logistics is key for this trip. But I know it will all work out with all the help I'm going to get in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

I'm always very careful with drinking water when I travel since I have a sensitive throat. At home, we have a RO water dispenser and so I tend to take things for granted. I remembered checking out so many water filters few years ago when we were planning to buy one, from 4396510 to distillers. With the heat wave going on down under, I must make sure we are drinking adequate water to stay hydrated.

So, I'm all ready to go except for a few errands I need to run before the flight tomorrow night. There are also some assignments to finish the next few days. Oh... all I know is that I need some sleep to get my mind refreshed and my body rejuvenated tomorrow!

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