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26 November, 2009

Work at Home Writing From the Bush

I arrive at the bush two days ago. IT may seem funny that I have called it a bush but it's true, DH cousin's house is really in the bush! What a way to take a break for the work at home mom!

We drove one km of tall trees and wild bushes before reaching the white house. What a nice house in a natural surrounding. I know it's going to be a nice place to relax and unwind.

The property is about 5.5 acres so you can imagine how much space there is. Clayton had a great time roaming around with Scud the dog and it must be exciting for him. Being a city and urban boy, waking up to a natural surrounding of bushes isn't something common. My cousin's property had a couple of garages where my cousin's hubby stores his Mopar parts and there's even a camping tent where the kids set up for a fun escapade! Clayton can't wait to hang around inside.

This afternoon, we will be visiting Clayton's new school. Since I'm here, I thought it would be a great idea to visit the place. He is excited and so am I. I'm fighting with this bad cold and really want to get well real soon!

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