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20 November, 2009

School Holidays Have Offically Begun!

School has finally ended and the holidays have officially begun! I can hear the silent laments of the work at home moms and dads but well, it's time for the children to get their well deserved break after a hard year's work in school!

Finally, the kids can sleep in, sleep late, play and relax. Most children will enjoy watching tv or playing computer games. Others would still be attending enrichment classes and tuition. Maybe the sale of PSP, electronic games, Bluray dvd players or DVDs will increase this holiday season as parents try to occupy their children with all kinds of clean entertainment.

Clayton's school term ended with a Garden Theme Party. I made him a realy simple ladybug t-shirt just so that he won't feel left out! I am not in to costumes and thus, I would opt for a simple project. Kids don't really care much about what they are going to wear, it's the parents, who strive to make their kids stand out. I'm just too lazy to bother myself with all the sewing and crafting. I know that he will have fun anyways :)

Then it's parents-teachers meeting before the school takes a break for two weeks. I would need to start my packing after tomorrow. Though I'm not planning to bring too much to Oz, I still need to make sure I don't forget anything!

That's it for now from the work at home mom and I'm now off to do some cooking before the boys come home.

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