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03 November, 2009

School Holidays Coming for Work at Home Moms and Dads

This is the last month of school term and in few weeks' time, the school holidays will begin. It is also a busy month for most work at home moms and dads as the kids get off school and that would mean less quality time can be spent in the home office.

Despite the economic downturn, I know of many friends who are taking their kids overseas. For those who can afford, the selections include orlando vacations to a Europe tour. But short trips like beach getaways and family holidays in Hong Kong, Japan and even Australia are also popular. I miss the fun and sun in Australia, really. I miss the space, the slow pace and outdoor adventures. Most of all, I need to get away from the routine and hustle and bustle of urban life.

Some work at home moms have no plans of any vacation or travel. That would mean planning activities for the children so that they are occupied and not become bored with nothing to do. I know that some of my friends are already registering their kids for holiday camps and such during the year end school holidays.

Perhaps, this is also a good time to wind down for all work at home moms and dads as the year comes to a close. It's a time to reflect, recollect and refresh as you make plans for the home business for the new year ahead.

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