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07 November, 2009

Work at Home Mom Looks Forward to Her Vacation

Few days ago, a little idea came to the work at home dad when he was driving. See, our internet connection has been seriously bad for the last couple of years. Believe it or not, we have tried almost very broadband provider but yet, we are getting snail crawl speed every other day. It is frustration when you work from home in the home office.

So my other half decided to move the modem to our bedroom since we are on wireless and lo and behold, the signal started to improve! Since, we are getting more stable connection and at least, we can get our work done without the frustration of waiting for sites to be uploaded in front of our laptops.

School holidays will be here in two weeks' time and my son's after school program will stop by this week. All work at home parents know that parenting has to be one of the best best fat burner! And it's natural :) But the holidays are going to be kinda fun with a birthday party coming up for my boy and a vacation to down under. I'm excited to stay in the bush for a few days, then to the hills before heading off to the beaches! It sounds like fun. One thing I learned, book budget airlines early cos it will save heaps!

There is much to do before the work at home mom heads off for a break. The aussie dollar is so strong now so it looks like my shopping budget will be reduced tremendously after the exchange rate. Then again, it's not the shopping I'm looking forward but catching up with family and friends, while relaxing and reflecting in the last months of the year.

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