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15 August, 2008

my manual shots on my nikon D80

I guess it must be almost 20 years since I last meddled with manual settings in a SLR camera. Yesterday, I had a couple of hours of crash course by a friend who has been using the Nikon D80 (a DSLR) for the last one year. He taught me how to use the manual settings and explain the various functions and settings of the camera. Though it was a short session, it was more than enough for me to digest at that moment. I was glad that I could at least take some decent pictures of our seminar with Ron Kaufman. I also learned that the preview in the camera will be always lighter than the downloaded version on the computer... therefore, don't trust what you see in the camera preview, said my 'teacher'... here are a few shots of my model. I don't believe I snapped more than a hundred of his portraits - no, he isn't charging me - lol!

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