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05 August, 2008

a memorable trip to Kuala Selangor

Just when I thought Clayton was all well on Sunday, I was wrong... his fever persists and I can't wait for him to get well soon!

Last Sunday, we headed for Kuala Selangor with a group of good friends for a seafood dinner and a fireflies exploration that evening. It was a lovely excursion and it was exciting for me to see the 'glowing trees' in the dark of the night. Clayton kicked a fuss with the lifejacket but finally had to give in after much coaxing and 'forcing'. He couldn't wait to get the lifejacket out of the way and he was perhaps too young to appreciate the wonders of these light giving fireflies. We went out in a sampan (small boat) in a group of four (five including clayton) with the boatman that night.

One of the fireflies fell into the water and the boatman was nice enough to 'save' it for our close exploration. For me, it was amazing to see the little firefly running around the palm of my hand with a twinkling light... it was so cute. We learned a little more about these wonderful creatures from the boatman and though it was a short 15minutes boat ride, it was an experience worth taking. It was hard to believe that these fireflie had existed in this river, among the mangroves, for more than 40 years!

I must admit that this was a memorable tour for me during my eight over years of stay here in Kuala Lumpur. I would recommend it to any visitor planning to visit Kuala Lumpur. A trip to Kuala Selangor for fresh seafood and an evening encounter with the fireflies will be an experience that speaks volumes in your travel diary.

*We can't take any pictures of the 'glowing trees' and fireflies.. it was just too dark. And even if we can, the flash from our cameras would have scare those cute fireflies away.

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