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21 August, 2008

photography can be so much fun

I don't plant flowering plants in my little garden anymore cos I simply have no time to tend to them. The only plants I had were many pots of aloe vera and peppermint and a couple of cactus and wild ferns at this moment cos they didn't require much care :P

Since I'm off to Singapore tomorrow, I hope to snap some pictures to my Nikon D80 collection... I didn't know photography can be so much fun :) I know some people think the Nikon D80 is no big deal but seriously, it's good enough for me and all I want now is to improve my photography skills again. Who cares about an expensive camera or lens when you can't even get an exposure and composition right at this moment? Why try to jump over the moon when you can't even reach the moon? I'm a practical person... I'm just very happy with my Nikon D80 standard kit - in fact, I'm feeling so blessed!

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