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31 August, 2008

women love gifts and flowers but do men?

So men are from Mars and women from Venus. We know that men and women are different but yet, it is easy to forget this point. An interesting reason for the difference between men and women is that, men are made from 'dust' and women from the man's rib. And according to an anointed preacher, Pastor Bernard Blessing, Adam was asleep when God created Eve so that explained why men could never understand women and vice versa.

Don't believe it? Go shopping with your other half for bathroom fixtures or discount furniture. While the woman may be keen to search for quality stuff like Hansgrohe, the man may be looking out for bargain corner. Women appreciate gifts and flowers for special occasions but the men would think these things can be a waste of money. By and large, it's hard to get men and women to agree on opinions, likes and dislikes, preferences, priorities and lifestyle issues. But whatever it is, they are created to complement one another and as iron sharpens iron, they are placed together for the good of each other and the society.

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