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01 September, 2008

Children learn things fast

Clayton is at that age where his favourite words are 'why', 'no', 'how come' and 'i want'. He is a curious boy who likes to know about anything and everything. Children being children, they are not afraid to ask you anything and would ask everything too. Sometimes, I get impatient with his persistent queries but I must often keep my composure and answer smartly and reply as wisely as I possibly can. Children learn things fast too! Due to this, I gotta be very careful in what I say to him every time, even in casual chat.

He would point to my little acne spot on my face and ask why do I have a pimple. I will then take the opportunity to tell him that if he eat too much junk, he'll get that too. Then he'll say in a giggly tone, "I don't eat junk, so I won't have a pimple".

This is also an age where we have to set boundaries and break his will. This requires lots of patience, love and wisdom and we have to constantly remind ourselves not to discipline out of anger but to do it with love. The cute thing is, no matter how he makes me upset or misbehaves, we always enjoy moments where we would laugh together on jokes and funny situations. He is such a happy boy, even when he misbehaves... it's hard to be angry with him for a long time.


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