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02 September, 2008

another great day at the Taman Tun River Stream

The weather has been less than perfect these couple of weeks. As such, we haven't taken Clayton to the Taman Tun Park much. Today, we promised him that we would take him and he was so happy. He was still hopeful that the Taman Tun Park plan would still be valid even when it started storming at 3pm. Children are so full of faith.

At 4.45pm, the rain had already stopped and strangely, he fell asleep on his own on the floor downstairs... while watching the TV sitting on the LCD mount. We had to wake him up since the weather was cool and it looked like a nice day to be at the river stream in Taman Tun park.

Yes, we had fun and it was nice shooting pictures in the outdoors, though I kinda wished the sun was not sheltered by the clouds. Dinner at Yau Tak Teng was extremely delicious today that Clayton had a full bowl of rice!

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