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10 August, 2008

viral fever ordeal over for Clayton - whew!

The scare was over after Clayton's fever broke on Thursday. The poor little boy had to go for a blood test on Wednesday morning since the fever persisted for five days straight. I wasn't comfortable about feeding him medicine everytime the fever hit so after much thoughts, we decided to take him for a blood test.

I had to tell you that he was one of those who disliked going to the doctor. He didn't like the thermometer in his ears, didn't like the stick that went on his tongue to check if he had a sore throat... it wasn't easy. I wasn't too sure how he would react to the blood test.

The time came and when he had to lie on the bed for the blood test, you could imagine his screams and fighting ordeal with the nurses. They had to wrap him with a blanket to restrict his movements and the poor boy kept screaming like someone was trying to rob away his freedom - that was my boy!

Finally, the blood test ordeal was over and after one hour, we were told that his blood was perfectly fine - no dengue - thank God. And infact, he didn't even need anti biotics. I did what I could to bring that fever down and gave him half dose of fever medicine that night. I was determined not to give him another dose after that seven hours gap and I was so thankful that when morning came, the fever was gone! Praise God!

I could see that he's still recuperating cos he seems to get tired early and tends to sleep a little more than before. It's not just him who needs recuperation really, I guess I'm just as tired during that whole week of nursing a sick boy. So glad it's over and I can only thank God for all the prayers and for His protection.


sesame said...

Poor Clayton. Glad he's on the mend. It's quite a scare when suspected of dengue.

Take care Doris.

P. Reich said...

I just had to comment after reading your post. As a mother of two girly-girls under two...I understand. It was refreshing to hear your faith throughout your post. You're right! Praise God your boy is healed!

dorischua said...

Thanks, Sesame - I was worried sick! First time ever for the fever to last so long - so glad it's all over! Thanks for caring :)