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18 March, 2008

it's Camper again!

While I'm clueless about command prompt language, I'm totally familiar with Camper shoes and its online store! I just got an email from my little 'sister' (i knew her since she was a baby) asking my opinion on a pair of Camper Casi. Whenever we get the chance to sit down for a chat, we won't leave Camper out of our conversation. Looking back, I used to take her shopping when she was an adolescent and now, she's a beautiful teenager whom I seek fashion resources from.

Anyways, I saw these lovely Camper kids in the new Spring Collection - so cute, so cool, so fun... so irresistible! Why can't they make them in adult sizes too?

1 comment:

webtogs said...

These shoes are so cute! will be great for the spring weather we will (hopefully!) soon be having!