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31 March, 2008

back from singapore sentiments

It's back to work again, after a 3 days off to Singapore. I don't care what people say but Singapore is still a friendly place for me though I do feel that the young culture needs more improvement. The education system in Singapore is highly regarded as one of the best in the world but I seriously wonder if manners and values are inculcated in the school curriculum too. Personally, I had experiences with rude youth not knowing how to 'give way' to mothers with young children. Don't their parents taught them values like these or they are assuming that the school will do all the job? No matter what, it feels safe to be back in Singapore despite what the media is saying about the recent Mat Selamat case... no country is perfect and so is Singapore. Mistakes like these keep countries and people grounded.


erp said...

i've been to singapore once and i can say that i like the fact that the singaporians are well diciplined and the country looked very clean. hardy find litter on floors and roads.

Mike said...

Wow, singapore is a very beautiful place. Though I had't been there, my friends told me every thing. Its very clean city and well deciplined.