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24 March, 2008

wedding and shopping

Few weeks ago, someone actually became creative and proposed to his girlfriend by placing a huge billboard ad on a highway. This piece of romantic news got to the front page of the local newspapers and thus, created lots of admiration and attention amongst the women. While some thought this was overly romantic and hoped secretly that their other halves would do the same, some women actually found it stupid. They felt that the money spent should be used to buy a good proposal present than to splurge it on a billboard.

Anyways, I guess the phrase 'to each his own' applies in all things in life. Even when it comes to a wedding theme, every couple has different ideas and plans. But what's nice about the internet is that you can anything you need for that perfect wedding you have in mind. You can shop for wedding favours or other wedding items at Shopforweddings.com with no worries of theme or style. Wedding cameras, bridesmaid gifts, candles, guest books, totes and bags, jewelry and apparel - the online store has more than you would ever need to prepare for that big day.

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