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25 March, 2008

keep your opinions to yourself

I've often been asked the question on when I'll have a number two. Well, I have to tell you that I'm not fond of this question at all. Some people go to the extent of telling me it's necessary to have another child and the 'what ifs' if I don't another one. I find that they are crossing my boundaries, imposing their opinions on me. What works for them may not work for me at this moment and I do wish that they will keep their opinions to themselves. After all, I didn't ask them what they think about not having another addition. So why must they be so 'self-righteous' or think they are so clever just because they have more than one child.

Anyways, it's better to be good with one child than to be a bad parent with both. I rather have a happy child and be a happy mom than to have two unhappy children and be a grouchy mom.


Anna said...

Doris, I totally agree with you. I face the same situation sometimes too!

dorischua said...

Ya - I'm tired of this. Why can't these people be more sensitive? They don't understand that this may be a dilemma that the couple may be facing - whether or not they can cope with one more addition.