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13 March, 2008

web hosting company

With thousands of web hosting companies in the market it can be difficult to decide which web site hosting companies truly provide an excellent hosting solution at an excellent price. Price is one thing, support and customer service are important factors to take note too. Like many people, wordpress theme designer Kaushal Sheth had the same dilemma. Those of us who have had our own web hosts can understand the frustration of server downtime and hiccups. After a bad experience, Kaushal went searching for the best web hosting company before settling on one.

He had listed three web hosts who are known for their credibility and good reputation - Host Monster, Hostgator and Yahoo Host. Hostgator happens to be the web hosting company for most of my sites too though I've never heard of Host Monster and Yahoo Host. But according to Kaushal, Yahoo belongs to a 'class of its own' while he chose Host Monster for its knowledgeable technical support and excellent service.

If you like to share your experience of a web hosting company or have any suggestions on the best web host, drop a note for Kaushal.

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