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12 January, 2007

Truths about breastfeeding

I'm a strong believer of breastfeeding and made the decision to breastfeed before Clayton was born. Though this breastfeeding journey was initially an uphill task, with support of a local breastfeeding community and some experienced mothers, plus lots of breastfeeding websites and resources, I did it.

*Clayton @ 3 months old

Here are some important truths about breastfeeding:
1) Breast-fed babies are less prone to illness than bottle-fed babies
2) Breast milk is more digestible than cow's milk
3) Breast-fed babies rarely become overweight
4) It is convenient (that's how I started travelling singlehandedly with Clayton when he was 3 months old)
5) It helps you to shed those extra pounds faster
6) Breastfeeding may provide some protection against cancer

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Jeanette said...

Clayton is so adorable!! What a cutie patootie :)

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