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30 March, 2007

Check this if you are a blogger!

Love a blog post? Hate a blog post? Do you have a favourite blog author? Like to nominate him or her? Head down to HighFivez!

Let's get real here. There are millions of blogs and bloggers in the blogosphere and other than those you are introduced to or stumbled upon, there are some which you will never, never discoer, no matter how good or informative they are.

So here is HighFivez.com, a web community for you to search and promote your most exciting blog posts and bloggers in the blogosphere. When you are joined as a member, you will be known as a HighFiverz and that qualifies you to share posts and blogs with other members of the community. If you like it, give it a HighFive. Otherwise, Pound It.

You can view at one glance the most viewed, most popular and most talked about posts. Blogs and posts are categorized in different subject interests and most importantly, you get real opinions from humans, and not ROBOTS.

It's absolutely free to be a HighFivez. And know what, you may some good traffic for your blogs and posts in this exciting community. What a great place to be 'seen' and be 'found'... but keep in mind, submit a good post and you become a fave, a bad one, a thumbs down :)

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